The Mortgage Process for Non US Residents buying Florida Property – Real Estate Technique

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U.S. tax law requires that any non-resident alien who sells an interest in U.S. real property is subject to withholding for tax purposes of 15% of the gross sales price. This is required by the U.S. Foreign Investment in real property tax act and is referred to as F.I.R.P.T.A.

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 · Any real estate investor who is considering acquiring property through a tax sale needs to understand the basics in order to avoid the numerous pitfalls that have befallen many a well-intentioned buyer. A tax sale is a step in the foreclosure of the lien imposed under the Real Estate Tax Sale Act (“RETSA”).

Mortgage Loans for foreign national buyers. Interested in investing in Orlando Florida but not a US citizen and need a mortgage? There are mortgage loans available for you! Fantastic interest rates and loans as high as 65% of the value! Here is more information about the Foreign National Mortgage Programs: 1. 35% Down Payment 2.

The real estate buying process in Costa Rica need not be intimidating or confusing. By understanding the steps in the process and the pitfalls to avoid, a buyer can.

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Generally speaking, property taxes in Florida are 2 percent of the sales price. If you go to the county website for where you are interested you can find the millage tables for the city you want to purchase in and then you can calculate an exact amount.

This means that if you obtain a $1 million mortgage, you are subject to $28,000 in taxes. 2. Buyers don’t need to pay for an agent. Working with a real-estate agent is not a requirement to buy a house in the U.S., but should you decide to work with one, you don’t need to worry about commission fees.

While every transaction is different, Florida buyers and sellers will generally go through the following steps in a real estate transaction: offer acceptance. The process begins when the seller of the property accepts the buyer’s offer, and you both sign a contract agreeing to the sale at the proposed price.