Top 10 Scams Against the Elderly – Aging Wisely

Home health providers in Texas will be the testing ground for a new initiative that Medicare says will help cut down on fraud. of Aging and Disability Services released an annual report last year.

Which are the most common scams targeting seniors?. Council on Aging ( NCOA), the top 10 scams targeting seniors include the following:.

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Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors UF/IFAS Extension Page 2 The top 10 scams targeting seniors include (NCOA, 2013): 1. health Care/Medicare/Health Insurance Fraud 2. Counterfeit Prescription Drugs 3. Funeral & Cemetery Scams 4. Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products 5. Telemarketing If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is 6.

program director of the National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer’s Disease Centers Program. Dementia can manifest itself in unpaid bills, giving away money needed for living expenses to charities or to.

The National Council on Aging notes: "Because many seniors find themselves planning for retirement and managing their savings once they finish working, a number of investment schemes have been targeted at seniors looking to safeguard their cash for their later years.". Top 10 Senior Scams.

So in response and to raise awareness, we have identified the top 10 scams that plague senior citizens in retirement, along with examples for each. Top 10 scams targeting seniors Scam #1: Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes. In Birmingham, Alabama, a gentleman offered free tax work to a church whose members were largely 60 years and older.

He was especially critical of the FHA’s use of the False Claims Act to hammer lenders who commit unintentional clerical errors but had no intention of committing fraud. This has caused. Very-low.

The elder Cassity was an attorney who had been disbarred in the 1980s after his conviction for an earlier scam, according to news accounts of his trial. Far from being rehabilitated, he simply hit on an even more devastating con game, becoming the mastermind of the prepaid funeral fraud, said prosecutors at his trial.

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Senior scams: preventing tech & Financial Scams Against the Elderly Most Americans encounter some form of fraud during their lifetime, but none are as likely to fall prey to it as senior citizens. Older generations tend to be more polite and trusting, making them particularly vulnerable to the high-pressure tactics of con artists.