Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’

At 37, Labour are scoring more than Tony Blair or David Cameron did when they won in 2005, 2010 and 2015.. If Labour wants to win, Tory votes need to be suppressed.. (see point 7). Corbyn.

Here is the full text of Tony Blair’s speech to the Labour Party conference in Brighton:. But any party activist who wants an answer to the question about trust – go and read what we said we would do in 1997 and 2001.. "I want the old Tony Blair back, the one who cares", I tell you.

Blair, the onetime wunderkind of British politics who led the Labour Party and. But I don't think it's answer, and I'm not sure it would win an election.. of the mainstream press as “enemies of the people” may have a point about. as a political exile who has ventured back into the fray at a time when the fray.

Theresa May will become prime minister without a single popular vote being cast. It's the second time in the past decade that the role has transferred in this way. ( Tony Blair, the Labour prime minister, handed over to Gordon Brown in 2007. quickly-especially those that wanted Brexit-leaving only May.

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United Kingdom general election, 1997. Under the leadership of Tony Blair, the Labour Party ended its eighteen-year spell in opposition and won the general election with a landslide victory, winning 418 seats, the most seats the party has ever held to date, and the highest proportion of seats held by any party in the post-war era.

Tony Blair. Any such move would be behind the scenes as a no-deal exit for the UK loomed. “People would start saying, Jesus, listen we can’t let this happen, we have to find some solution’,” he.

Tony Blair talks candidly about New Labour, devolution and winning elections. The single most important element of leadership in today’s world is an ability to shape and change and form a country in a way that gives it a sense of what it is for the future. You can say that about virtually any country in the world today.

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Labour could win an election "at any point it wants to", Tony Blair has said, as he mounted a passionate defence of his record in government and urged his party to return to the centre ground.