Surging bond yields to pinch home owners, retirees

Real bond yields and credit spreads are what truly matter to the equities market. Real bond yields are still well below 1.5% and investment credit spreads have been tightening since the third quarter.

Suzy Creamcheese has, let us say, $500,000 in stocks inherited from her aunt, $500,000 in long-term bonds in her 401(k) and $20,000 in emergency savings. If stocks lurch down, she’s out $200,000.

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People will eventually go back into bonds perhaps at even lower yields," said Robert Tipp, chief investment strategist at PGIM Fixed Income in Newark, New Jersey. surging bond yields to pinch home.

CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis report on what’s next for the bond market as yields surge.. Bond yields surge 12:51 PM ET Wed, 25 Oct 2017. It’s more than taxes – Why poker players don’t take home.

Surging bond yields to pinch homeowners and retirees The latest Fed move just might put retirees in a pinch. Here are seven ways the Federal Reserve’s rate cut could affect both you and your money – and what you should consider doing in response.

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Whether you have money from your pay cheque automatically deposited into a savings account (including a retirement account), or whether. like money market accounts and funds, high-yield fixed.

Buy 5 Top Bank Stocks on Surging U.S. Government Bond Yields. Nalak Das October 22, 2018. JPM C ORRF STBA. Spike in U.S. Government Bond Yields. Home Depot & AbbVie.

Surging Bond Yields to Pinch Home Owners, Retirees. Higher yields also hurt the values of bonds, which many individual investors are exposed to through mutual funds, whether through direct investments or via assets in 401(k)s and other retirement accounts. "We have had a significant rise in bond yields over the past few weeks.

Despite those risks, if you’re retired or expect to retire in the near future, you really should own bonds as part of your retirement portfolio. Because of low current interest rates and likelihood ..

Surging Bond Yields 2018’s Twist. It took more than a year to happen, but interest rates are finally rising again. On Monday, the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield leapt to as much as 2.73%, the loftiest level in nearly three years and decisively above of last year’s high of 2.64%. In turn, bond ETFs tied to the 10-year,