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Bank of America study shows millennials are doing a good job of stashing away money. Around one of six millennials has at least $100,000 in savings. Nearly half have $15,000. Their habits are nothing to scoff at either, with nearly three of of four millennials creating and sticking to a budget each month.

Believability of brand – Millennials have the uncanny ability to smell a rat in an instant. In order for them to believe in your mortgage company, they must believe in your brand and everything it stands for. And, they must experience it personally. They want absolute honesty, 100% of the time.

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Most millennials don’t see themselves being homeowners when they look into their crystal balls, a new survey finds. The eye-popping statistic from their findings: 70% of those surveyed believed that they would struggle to qualify for a mortgage, perhaps explaining lowered expectations for subsequent ownership.

A new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers and George washington university finds one group of people are engaging in very risky behavior with their money.. Study: Millennials struggling with high.

With the spending habits and job outlook for. Mortgages for millennials: Young buyers finally saying ‘YOLO’. D.C.-based lender First savings mortgage corp. has launched a new program to help.

New Study Affirms Savings Habits of millennials mortgage masters group millennials are Increasingly Open to Buying Beer in New Retail Environments "The market hears about fragmentation quite a bit, but its effects can’t be underestimated-even in categories that have historically boasted clearly defined paths-to-purchase.

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NMP – When it comes financial responsibilities, Millennials are exercising maturity and good planning, according to the Better Money Habits Millennial Report released by Bank of America. Millennials, who are defined in the report as being between the ages of 23 to 37, are saving (63 percent) and are meeting their savings goal (67 percent).

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