How Brandon Kidwell Creates Double Exposure iPhone Photos

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Florida-based photographer Brandon Kidwell uses his artistic skills as a powerful way to give valuable advice to his kids. In a series titled wisdom For My Children, Life Lessons Through Photos, he creates double-exposure images that convey different teachings.It’s a personal project that took form over many years, and it reflects the real experiences he’s had with his offspring.

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Brandon Kidwell is an incredibly talented iPhone photographer and a creative master of double exposure images. I’m really excited to share this interview, where you’ll discover more about Brandon and how he creates his captivating images with the iPhone.

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Double exposure photography allows you to combine photos to create truly unique images. Using apps on your iPhone allows you to create amazing double exposure portrait photography that will surely have your friends and family asking "How did you do that?!" In this tutorial you’ll learn how to unleash your creative side and produce these incredible double exposure portrait photos on your.