Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Loan Officer Kerry Donovan

I look forward to helping find the right mortgage product for you or your clients. Licensed in NH and MA. Kerry Donovan, Mortgage Professional, NMLS #1708267, 7 Merrill Industrial Drive, Hampton, NH (2019)

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Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Loan Officer kerry donovan blue water mortgage welcomes loan officer kerry Donovan Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Loan Officer Kerry Donovan January 16, 2019, (HAMPTON, NH) – Blue water mortgage corporation, an independent mortgage broker serving massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Florida, continues togrow.

· A mortgage broker can shop around to a variety of different lenders, loan programs and underlying investors to find the loan that best suits your needs. They may even end up saving you money. We recommend you consider both online mortgage lenders and a local mortgage broker.

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If you are thinking of purchasing or refinancing, contact Blue Water Mortgage today. From FHA, VA, USDA, conventional financing, jumbo, first time home buyers, and.

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He also admitted tax fraud by lying about his income from loans he made, money from taxi medallions. Additionally indicted for mortgage fraud by Manhattan District Attorney, using evidence.

Blue Water Mortgage Welcomes Loan Officer Kerry Donovan The St. Clair City Council’s decision to buy a foreclosed piece of property from St. Clair County and donate it to Blue Water Habitat for Humanity is null. a loan officer at Northstar bank, has.

Kerry Donovan Best Loan Officer – Visit Kerry Donovan’s profile on FastExpert to find the detail of their service, ratings and reviews. Kerry Donovan is an Loan Officer serving their services in US.. Loan Officer at Blue Water Mortgage Corporation.